Location  Johann Sebastian Bach 14, Barcelona
Commission  Centro de Fisioterapia y Yoga Armonic Body
Surface Area  250 m2
Date  Septiembre – Diciembre 2019
Photographer  Slowkind
Authors of the project  Elvira Gómez Architect + Bea Bombí Interior Designer

The project was based on three premises to be taken into account in the design of the premises: a limited and tight budget; structural rigidity that limited the options; and strict regulations due to the geometric characteristics (a large part of the floor plan is below street level) and the activity to be carried out.

The distribution is configured on the basis of the common spaces, giving them meaning according to their situation and geometry. It is an axis which runs along the left dividing wall, which is transformed into a route, when its function is that of a passage, or it is transformed into a square, when its function is that of a waiting place. In this way a discontinuous sequence is created, which breaks the monotony and allows for an uninterrupted physical and visual connection from the entrance of the premises to the back patio of the yoga room.

The programme required 9 booths and a large yoga room. The cabins were gradually annexed along this axis of circulation, and their layout was conditioned by the existing structural grid. This axis ends in the large yoga room, which is glazed to allow light to filter in from the small back patio.