We like to take on each project as if it were a new challenge. Creating spaces where people feel comfortable and houses that end up being homes. We work taking as a starting point the needs and preferences transmitted by the client, interpreting their wishes and adding local elements without losing sight of the location and destination of the space.


We offer an integral service that starts from an initial concept to the development and execution of the project, including architecture, interior design, graphic design, landscaping and all the technical, budgetary and administrative aspects (licenses) required. In order to materialize it, we work with a team of external collaborators of maximum confidence.


bea bombí | interior Designer

After graduating in Law, studying a Master in International Law and practicing law for a few years, I made a professional turn towards the world of interior design.

La experiencia profesional ejercida desde el año 2005 en este campo, la práctica artística, las diferentes herramientas informáticas y el postgrado «Perímetros Privados. Diseño del Espacio Interior» en la Escuela Universitaria Elisava, consolidaron el ejercicio de la profesión. Fue durante el transcurso de este Postgrado donde ambas nos conocimos y aunamos fuerzas para colaborar en el estudio.

elvira gómez | architect

I graduated in 2003 from the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura in Barcelona. My professional beginnings were in a family architecture studio, where I acquired enough experience and the necessary impulse to open my own studio in my hometown, Cambrils.

Very involved in the field of interior design, I attended the Elisava school for the "Private Perimeters" postgraduate course. Interior Space Design" where I met Bea. From then on, our collaborations began and today we work together under the name of Estudio Bombí + Gómez.


Digital communication & content producers. Branding, Social Media & Web Designers.

Consultant for the design, calculation and execution of structures in buildings.